sunday's stitches 2018, vol. 1

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2017 year in review

January - March

April - June

July - September

October - December

And the grand total is .... 55 projects knit or crocheted this year! Almost exactly half of my output in 2016, interestingly! This year I was distracted by needlepoint in the first half of the year, and just not as crafting obsessed as years prior. That's okay! I should call 2017 the year of crochet, as I've never crocheted more in my life--20% of my finished projects were crocheted! 

So how did I do on those crafting resolutions I set back in January? Eh, mixed. Some big achievements, but definitely big fat NOPEs on several of them. That's okay. There's always another year!
2017 Crafting Resolutions:
    • Goal #1: Going for year two of ZERO yarn purchases. Results: COMPLETED! That makes TWO FULL YEARS of not purchasing yarn for myself! Amazing!!
    • Goal #2: Sew at least two quilts. Results: One quilt completed!
    • Goal #3: Knit 50 charity projects. Results: NADA. 2017 apparently was a selfish year of knitting for me. To be fair, our knitting guild had pushed really hard on this for the two previous years and we all needed a break.
    • Goal #4: Knit at least three sweaters for myself. Results: One sweater knitted. Better than zero!
    • Goal #5: Devote more time to needlepoint/cross-stitch projects. Results: WIN! Definitely got back into needlepoint and stitching in 2017. Not a ton of finishes though.
    • Goal #6: Learn how to crochet toys! Results: NADA. Oops.
    • Goal #7: Dye my own self-striping yarn. Results: NADA. Oops.
    • Goal #8: Continue my Love Your Library project! Results: Completed 19 projects from patterns in my library! That's 34% of my 2017 projects!
So what do I want to achieve in 2018?
  • Goal #1: Going for year three of ZERO yarn purchases.
  • Goal #2: Knit twelve sweaters. 
  • Goal #3: Make 18 hats for charity.
  • Goal #4: Sew one project every month. 
  • Goal #5: Devote weekly time to needlepoint/cross-stitch projects.
  • Goal #6: Learn how to crochet toys!
  • Goal #7: Dye my own self-striping yarn.
  • Goal #8: Continue my Love Your Library project!
It feels silly to repeat so many goals, but I really do want to do those things--2018 will be the year! And I'm officially declaring 2018 the year of the sweater ... I have way too many sweater quantities of yarn that have sat in my stash for much too long! And I also commit to resurrecting this poor neglected blog in 2018--I really enjoy looking back at my projects, and I miss blogging!

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